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this life...

kirsten's livejournal for when she feels emo

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I'm just a girl who enjoys talking on the phone, a good scary movie, and spending time on the net. ;) I love late nights out with friends and shopping...

My only aspirations in life are to fall in love and live abroad. I love talking too much, sleeping too late, and taking pictures.
, accio firebolt, acciofirebolt, adobe photoshop, albino black sheep, alcohol, all your base, animals, avril lavigne, badgers, balto, best buy, bioluminescence, blink 182, boys, brand new, british accents, bush, butterflies, buzzfest, caffeine, camping, chatting, chocolate, church, church retreats, clothes, coldplay, comedy central, computers, concerts, cream slushes, creativity, creed, dan radcliffe, daniel radcliffe, dashboard confessional, defiance, denial, dominic monaghan, donnie darko, draco malfoy, drawing, dreaming, driving at night, dvds, elijah wood, emo farm, european spelling, eve 6, fallout boy, fashion, fire, food, forums, friends, frodo, from hell, fuse, germany, gossip, graphics, green day, guitar, guys, harry potter, hoobastank, horseback riding, horses, html, ice cream, incubus, indentity, inside jokes, insomnia, internet, j.r.r. tolkien, johnny depp, jumping on my bed, laughing, lighters, lightning, linkin park, listening to music, lord of the rings, lost prophets, luna lovegood, mario kart, maroon 5, message boards, movies, music, n64, new found glory, nickelback, night, nirvana, no doubt, not school, oceans, painting my nails, parties, partying, photography, pillows, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, postal service, prisoner of azkaban, pulp fiction, purses, r.e.m., radio, rain, randomness, red hot chili peppers, redheads, rem, rollercoasters, ron weasley, sarcasm, sharpies, shopping, singing, sketching, sleeping, sleeping beauty, sleepy hollow, smile empty soul, something corporate, south park, stars, story of the year, summer, switchfoot, taking back sunday, taking pictures, talking, talking on the phone, tears for fears, text-messaging, the buzz, tom felton, underworld, vodka, webmastering, weezer, y tu mama tambien, yatta,